To cut or not to cut - A Pixie!

So I finally write about my hair-cut... I had read so many awesome blogs while I researched for my look... so I thought I ought to do a post in order to help someone make a decision on whether or not to go for a Pixie... also answering some of the most common questions people are asking me... It's going to be a really long post!

Why did I cut my hair so short? Well very honestly I was plain bored of my long hair... once it's so long there's not much you can do except for leaving it open day and night.... I'm sure those one-sided braids, Greek braids and french braids look awesome.... but believe me they look awesome only on celebs after they have had a hair stylist braid it for them and spray a bottle full of hair spray to make it stay the way it's supposed to stay.... I remember the days I tried braiding them.... ohhhh my hands ached....  I was either leaving my hair open or tying up a sock bun which is also so damn boring... So I was just plain bored.... Why should one need a reason to cut hair anyways? 

How could I cut such long hair? For one thing I realllyyyy wanted to.... and secondly because it's hair.... come on.... it's one thing in the whole world that you have an absolute surety of getting back exactly the way it was.... it is going to grow back... so why stress so much? It's the safest bet, least riskiest of all risks.... the most harmless experiment of all.... Think about it. Plus I have done this twice or thrice before too.... I have cut my really long hair into really short bobs (bobs are so out now that I would say nobody should do a bob for the next 10-15 years at least) So basically I'm not extra sensitive about the "length" of my hair (I'm am quite particular about other important aspects such as not colouring my hair with chemicals or giving heat treatments to tamper with it's natural form)

Was I scared? No! Once I made the decision, no doubt I spent a lot of time researching what would suit me (and driving Hubby crazy) but I never thought of going back.... In fact I was thrilled and too excited.... I wanted to look different... I looked almost the same for 3 years (had gone short in 2009) Was I the only one who felt inspired by Aamir's Titan ad? He said do not resemble your passport picture for more than 3 months... I'm at least sticking with mine for 3 years :P

Why Pixie short? The thought of going pixie occurred to me almost 6 months back... somewhere in the new year I wanted to go really really short.... may be because I had started seeing these lovely and demure looking Hollywood celebs going pixie one after another and yet looking stunning no matter the size and shapes of their faces and heads.... I mean we all have seen Halle Berry and Posh Beckham (I have always loved woman with short hair) with pixie cuts for years... but I thought it looked good on them because they are skinny and their face is so tiny and because of their personalities... But now look at Ginnifer Goodwin, Anne Hathway, Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, there are so many more... no matter what the shape and size of the face, there is a pixie style for each one of us... I had to wait so long because my brother decided to get married and I didn't wan't to hurt the sentiments of my family and relatives by going so short at the big Indian traditional wedding :P Although I'm very excited to try out Indian looks with this hair.... it would look so cool... :)

How does it feel? Absolutely wonderful! I personally feel every girl should go for a pixie at least to just get the feel of it.... I mean I have a feminine (not girly) taste in clothes, style, colours, etc. and a pixie might appear to be a masculine/tomboyish choice to many but that is so wrong.... I mean, weirdly but honestly I feel more feminine than before... it feels so chic... so hassle free... neat... it's like shedding away all your accessories/safety blankets/masks and being plain you and yet feeling beautiful... 

How to decide a pixie?  I read many blogs and did a lot of research before I finally sat in the chair.... I went to 5-6 stylists around the city and discussed my look before I finalised the salon and booked an appointment.... Also study the shape of your face and study the pixie that would enhance your features (google it... it's all there) One of the 6 places I went for consultation told me to not go for it because I had no cheekbones (till now I was blissfully unaware) but rest of the 5 places not only told me to go for it but suggested the exact same cut which I had also come up with after reading blogs and sites for my face... Some sites said you either need to have high cheekbones or big eyes and I thought at least I have one of the two! :P... basically you have to go with your own gut feeling.... I mean I knew I would be able to deal with it whatever the outcome is.... and also my point that "it's hair and it's going to grow back".... so if you are one of those wondering to cut or not to cut.... I say simply cut!

Am I going to keep it short? Yes! Till the time I get bored of short hair... and also not growing it until I'm done experimenting with pixies of various lengths and style!



  1. Wow..that was something..!I didnt know..u did so much research before going pixie...U kinna look cute.


    1. heheh yes... there is technique behind choosing hair styles too.. had to learn it before I went for it :)

  2. Wow, that's a daring step! I've had a short hair most of my life so growing my hair out is now my challege :D

  3. Gorgeous cut, it really suits you! x

  4. I'm enjoying having long hair right now, but I had pixie for a long time and experimented a lot with lots of short haircuts so I agree with you...there are a lot of benefits to short hair.

    Actually I've been asked a lot of those questions (the ones you're talking about in your post) myself...I've often gone from long to short because my heart grows really fast so I never felt bad about cutting it.

    so, I also used to get those questions like why did you cut you hair when it was so long and so beautiful etc...anyhow, I think that it is actually healthy to cut your hair short once in while...it gives it the chance to regrow.

    and as I said a while back when I have seen the first pics, I think you this hairstyle really works for you:)


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