Winter Moods

I had planned a different (much dressier) look for today (first time I'm posting a look that was actually taken on the date it's being posted :P).... but my mood swings got in the way! Though I strongly believe that getting "dressed up" can easily do wonders to your sour mood (it sure works for me) today after a day full of sulking and simply lying bundled inside a blanket (now I know why summer is considered a happy time) watching Friends (God, I really need to delete this series from the laptop), I just couldn't get myself to put on anything but my "I don't give a damn" pants and therefore this "I don't give a damn look" too!

When I bought this beanie out of necessity I didn't really know I could carry it off (I assume it suits me)... or else I would have bought a more fun and cooler looking beanie... such cute ones are available and are seen all over the place!

Although I wonder if the beanie would look the same with short-hair too... why?? I'm planning to go really really short (heheheh stay tuned for that :P)

All the posing, jumping (don't have the "in the air" pics here :P) and hubby's pampering got my mood to swing in the other direction... and the winter sun around 4.00 is just magical



  1. actually I really like those pants, they don't look like " I don't give a damn" at all;) but there is something effortless about tartan, perhaps even a little grunge to it though those pants somehow look more chic than grunge...

    Anyway, tartan is one of my fav patterns and I really love your look!

  2. Gimme those pants Shreeja! :D

    Head to toe: ten-on-ten!



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