Water Blues

It's amazing how the presence of water in nature - lake, river, sea.... even rain can effect people in so many ways... different people may experience differently at different times... Some feel free, open, relaxed.... some feel immensely happy.... while some introspect and contemplate and some simply feel lost...

Some dance in the rains and some get nostalgic... some celebrate the freshness and some feel so gloomy that it aches... Vastness of the sea may bring peace and quiet to many troubled minds while some may feel so insignificant in front of it's mighty depth...

We may say our state of mind decides the effect but I doubt it.... I have experienced almost all of it at some point or the other irrespective of my state of mind... rains almost always have the same effect if I'm inside the house - I feel so blue and low without any apparent reason (and it seems it's quite common in people) Outside the house I feel too cold and messed up to care... I really cannot conclude on this wave of emotions we feel when in presence of water...

Coming to my look.. this is my statement piece for PFF Restyle2013... A statement piece is something that stands out from the rest of the ensemble and makes a statement... So what does the piece do when it is the only piece in the ensemble??!! Make a statement anyway....Sometimes I do things that makes sense only to me...

So this is another opshopped item... from Salvos... the label is Millers (Yay!) - just for $4.99...
Cool blue kaftan/poncho/ a big sized top.....  so a perfect comfy beachwear item (spring is here!)

What I love most is the Ikkat/Ikat print on it.. these were really trending a while back internationally and is actually a derivation of Ikat textile widely made in India where the weaves are artistically dyed to make the diamond patterns ( it definitely makes a statement now! ;) )

This shoot was by the Swan river... just 10meters from our house where I jog every morning... the sun was out yet it was so cool... we shot this look at the small beach by the river and the waves though tiny made the sound that we all like...I was so happy, playful... almost jumpy... and the shoot was done in less than 10 minutes... you can tell from the photos

Completely opposite was the effect of those waves on my husband... Oh the thoughts and the talks after the shoot (it was hmmm... nice... and deep)... guess the picture says it all! hehehhe...



Elated undertones

I love it when I come up with abstract titles... hehehe...

It's been reallyyy long.... at least it feels like long.... Work and other reasons had me a bit busy these past few days (not making excuses here) and so even after repeatedly pledging to be consistent I have my own pace of things on this blog.... It's okay I guess...

So the reason why I'm elated? I met so many exciting people over the last few weeks... and it's also so wonderful when people have similar interests and the same enthusiasm as you !

Why the undertones?? We all are going to be putting together something... and I so wish I could say what it is... but it's too soon... so aaaaah!!

Coming to my look... it's my black and white look for PFF Restyle for today(hence the black and white pictures), sadly I couldn't be more involved in this wonderful event... but all over the Perth Blogosphere the participation is amazing... :)
I found this cute little top-cum-jacket from Salvo stores... it has bows printed all over! and I mixed it up with polka dots!

Black and white pictures are always more charming.... don't you guys agree?? 

To-cum-jacket: Salvo stores: $4.99
Polka top: Zara
Skirt: Jack's clothing
Satchel: Forever new




STYLEAID is one of the biggest and most successful fundraising fashion events in Perth that helps the WA AIDS council in their support and care of people with HIV or AIDS. Fashion is often looked upon as a morally vile segment (for me it's one of the most creative fields in the world) and events like these surely makes all of us; involved in the smallest possible way; so proud!

The show boasted a series of some of the biggest and most popular designer brands in Perth such as Aurelio Costarella, Flannel, Ae’lkemi, Vivienne Westwood, Zsadar, Fenella Peacock, Empire Rose, Salasai, One fell swoop, Step Audino, Nikki Loueza, Zhivago, Bikini Atoll and 33 Poets.

The madness, chaos and the energy behind such magnanimous fashion shows always gives you an adrenaline rush. Backstage is always the most happening place to be!

Some of the pictures I got backstage are here...

As a designer myself I was so mesmerised by the brilliance of most creations.... From the colour palette to the fabrics.... to the styling, make up and the background score.... it all amazingly brought to life the concepts and the moods behind each collection... I could find myself forming the mood-boards and the story-boards behind each range in my head... I was stunned by the subtle intricacies of certain details in some of the collections... felt so inspired!

My pictures from the show are not as good as the backstage ones.... I struggled with my humble camera lenses from far...

The Western Australian Opera at the start and the end with Western Australian Ballet was simply the most graceful opening and closing the night deserved...

I submitted my media accreditation form for STYLEAID as a blogger and was more than thrilled when it was accepted.... and now after the show I'm happy I got to be a part of this fantastic night!



Stares or Glares? Who cares!

Getting a shoot done outdoors is always such a funny experience.... Every time I decide on doing a look the biggest question always is "where to do the shoot".... Not only should the location suit the look and mood but also it should be in some sparsely populated place.... not that I care so much about stares and glares.... but the moment when I hold a 'diva-like' pose (ahem!) while feeling like one (ahem ahem ahem :P) there goes a family staring and smiling and some even giggling. OMG! (flushed with embarrassment) But also it's all too funny in my head to care about.... I start giggling, jumping and sometimes laughing too hard.... and the whole scene actually turns out to be too weird for my poor husband holding the camera... heehehee.. funny right? :P

So this little viewing platform jutting out in the middle of the river turned out to be quite a quiet place, far from all the stares and glares and the shoot was done quickly and easily.... and such a lovely all blue backdrop.... isn't it??

This is my "mixed print" look for today's PFF Restyle theme... with this shirt itself having two different prints, I didn't want to add too much more and take away it's look. The Hammock & Vine's shirt (I know!!!) op-shopped from Salvo's on Barrack street in the city for $14 (a bit expensive but this one looks unused with it's button pouches and all labels intact!) The shirt is really versatile, relaxed, soft and so comfortable... truly you never know what you may end up finding at op-shops :)

Shirt: Hammock & Vine from Salvo's
Skirt: Perth Fair 
Boots: Betty Shoes
Ring & Necklace: Indian Street Shops, Colaba



Happy Restyle August!

So it's a new month... and I have something new on the blog set for this month... but that's mainly because Perth Fashion Festival (PFF) Restyle 2013 started today and let me explain what an amazing concept it is (for my non-Perth readers)

Op-shops are basically stores selling second hand or vintage clothing... these are various chains of stores owned by various non profitable organisations and charitable institutions and whatever sales are made by these stores, the proceeds go to charity.... Every year PFF selects 8-10 bloggers for Restyle, an online media event that actually encourages people to op-shop

The bloggers and charity organisations this year are given below
(Do check these bloggers out, they are all so amazing and inspiring and each have their own unique style!)

Brighita – Thekidsareintrouble.com (RSPCA)

People do their job of donating clothes but Restyle is a great way of encouraging people to even buy these clothes... and these amazing bloggers show how you can look a million bucks by spending just 10 bucks!

 They are gonna do one look each day for the entire month of August!

And people in and around Perth are taking part and joining in the op-shop trend that the bloggers have set... So I have also op-shopped... I obviously couldn't pick up 31 items to take part all month... but I sure have enough looks to keep me going  for the month of August...

Here's a look at my haul!

Whatever I liked were all weirdly, surprisingly, coincidentally (even slightly disappointingly) whatever you may say... ALL prints! So I might say I will have my own "Print-love" theme going on this month and I would be fitting them into some of the given themes by Restyle... Stay tuned to see how I do that ;)