Happy Restyle August!

So it's a new month... and I have something new on the blog set for this month... but that's mainly because Perth Fashion Festival (PFF) Restyle 2013 started today and let me explain what an amazing concept it is (for my non-Perth readers)

Op-shops are basically stores selling second hand or vintage clothing... these are various chains of stores owned by various non profitable organisations and charitable institutions and whatever sales are made by these stores, the proceeds go to charity.... Every year PFF selects 8-10 bloggers for Restyle, an online media event that actually encourages people to op-shop

The bloggers and charity organisations this year are given below
(Do check these bloggers out, they are all so amazing and inspiring and each have their own unique style!)

Brighita – Thekidsareintrouble.com (RSPCA)

People do their job of donating clothes but Restyle is a great way of encouraging people to even buy these clothes... and these amazing bloggers show how you can look a million bucks by spending just 10 bucks!

 They are gonna do one look each day for the entire month of August!

And people in and around Perth are taking part and joining in the op-shop trend that the bloggers have set... So I have also op-shopped... I obviously couldn't pick up 31 items to take part all month... but I sure have enough looks to keep me going  for the month of August...

Here's a look at my haul!

Whatever I liked were all weirdly, surprisingly, coincidentally (even slightly disappointingly) whatever you may say... ALL prints! So I might say I will have my own "Print-love" theme going on this month and I would be fitting them into some of the given themes by Restyle... Stay tuned to see how I do that ;)



  1. Be careful....op shopping is a disease hahaha, you WILL become addicted
    I would have to say that 95% of my wardrobe is thrifted and I have been doing it since my teens and a lot of that time when it wasn't 'cool'!

  2. Love it Shreeja - and Kirsty is right, it's an addiction!!! X

  3. love the idea behind it!



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