Stares or Glares? Who cares!

Getting a shoot done outdoors is always such a funny experience.... Every time I decide on doing a look the biggest question always is "where to do the shoot".... Not only should the location suit the look and mood but also it should be in some sparsely populated place.... not that I care so much about stares and glares.... but the moment when I hold a 'diva-like' pose (ahem!) while feeling like one (ahem ahem ahem :P) there goes a family staring and smiling and some even giggling. OMG! (flushed with embarrassment) But also it's all too funny in my head to care about.... I start giggling, jumping and sometimes laughing too hard.... and the whole scene actually turns out to be too weird for my poor husband holding the camera... heehehee.. funny right? :P

So this little viewing platform jutting out in the middle of the river turned out to be quite a quiet place, far from all the stares and glares and the shoot was done quickly and easily.... and such a lovely all blue backdrop.... isn't it??

This is my "mixed print" look for today's PFF Restyle theme... with this shirt itself having two different prints, I didn't want to add too much more and take away it's look. The Hammock & Vine's shirt (I know!!!) op-shopped from Salvo's on Barrack street in the city for $14 (a bit expensive but this one looks unused with it's button pouches and all labels intact!) The shirt is really versatile, relaxed, soft and so comfortable... truly you never know what you may end up finding at op-shops :)

Shirt: Hammock & Vine from Salvo's
Skirt: Perth Fair 
Boots: Betty Shoes
Ring & Necklace: Indian Street Shops, Colaba



  1. omg...amazing, love it Shreeja!!! x

  2. I saw this blouse there and was so close to buying it, but I thought I could better use the $14 on fulfilling some of the prompts I didn't have! Glad it went to a good home though :-)

  3. The new look looks great :D Love it.
    xoxo <3


  4. The whole concept of mixing patterns and textures really appeals to me, so I really like this mini and that shirt...and the boots are just adorable!



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