STYLEAID is one of the biggest and most successful fundraising fashion events in Perth that helps the WA AIDS council in their support and care of people with HIV or AIDS. Fashion is often looked upon as a morally vile segment (for me it's one of the most creative fields in the world) and events like these surely makes all of us; involved in the smallest possible way; so proud!

The show boasted a series of some of the biggest and most popular designer brands in Perth such as Aurelio Costarella, Flannel, Ae’lkemi, Vivienne Westwood, Zsadar, Fenella Peacock, Empire Rose, Salasai, One fell swoop, Step Audino, Nikki Loueza, Zhivago, Bikini Atoll and 33 Poets.

The madness, chaos and the energy behind such magnanimous fashion shows always gives you an adrenaline rush. Backstage is always the most happening place to be!

Some of the pictures I got backstage are here...

As a designer myself I was so mesmerised by the brilliance of most creations.... From the colour palette to the fabrics.... to the styling, make up and the background score.... it all amazingly brought to life the concepts and the moods behind each collection... I could find myself forming the mood-boards and the story-boards behind each range in my head... I was stunned by the subtle intricacies of certain details in some of the collections... felt so inspired!

My pictures from the show are not as good as the backstage ones.... I struggled with my humble camera lenses from far...

The Western Australian Opera at the start and the end with Western Australian Ballet was simply the most graceful opening and closing the night deserved...

I submitted my media accreditation form for STYLEAID as a blogger and was more than thrilled when it was accepted.... and now after the show I'm happy I got to be a part of this fantastic night!



  1. Wow..this is supercool shreeja.


  2. what a great event! it really does look mesmerizing:)


  3. Awesome!! and LOL to the last pic....I know they are the shoes that Adelle left the house in hahahaha

  4. Looks like an amazing night!


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