Curtin University runway show @ PFF

A bit late for this post but I want to do it because it deserves to be blogged about! It was surely one of the most inspiring shows for me... amazing designs by students and ex-students of Curtin University....
I always look forward to student runways and emerging designer shows because you always see so much experimentation and innovation... soon they all start getting commercialised or start to follow trends... which is definitely not a bad thing, you got to sell what sells after all...
Having said that my favourite pieces are always the ones that manage to find a fine balance between experimentation and commercial viability... 
Here are some of the looks that I really liked... there were so many but couldn't post all here...

Tops as bottoms! 

Tie and dye was never so elegant and chic in my head! Love this!

Interesting textile

Loved this knit wear collection for it's texture, colours, silhouettes and styling!

 leather, sheer, rose with a dash of bling! wonderful combination!

 Knit wear with a twist!

 Stone-wash?? The fabric is interesting and I would love to get a closer look

 Casual, relaxed, comfy, nude, cool and so stylish

 Techniques and details that are feasible without making a garment looking too out there!

 Love this look... and love how it looks inspired from "dhoti & mojri" yet has it's own standing

 Lovely detailing and surface-ornamentation... would love to get a closer look!



  1. that designs are gorgeous

  2. Fantastic collection..love it absolutely.



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