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Perth Upmarket was an amazing experience last time and this time it was so much more special... as I interacted with so many lovely stall holders and got to know about their products...
I will be writing soon about all the brands and owners I met but the one that I have my heart set on, surely is daniel(ink.). 

As I was strolling by, this stall full of t-shirts caught my attention. Summer is approaching and I was in fact looking for some cool tees... and there they were - cute, funky and so unique! I immediately browsed through.. finding each print more and more unusual and cuter.

 I selected one that I liked the most and then as I did at most stalls, casually started chatting with the stall holder...... and got to know these unique prints on each t-shirt were hand-made sketches by Daniel!
The brand is really new and I love the whole brand image from the brown paper bags to their fliers. So straight and to-the-point - not at all jazzed up unnecessarily.

So do you like the brand? Now let's meet Daniel! :)

Daniel Pavlovic has Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheel-chair.....  he comes across as a very sweet happy guy - he smiles a lot but is a bit shy... and really cute! All these sketches are just his imagination and creativity...... though they have no theme, they all have a very endearing quality...... and his signature sketching style that is rough and even slightly dark. There is definitely a lot of character to these sketches.... and to know that they come from him makes it a lot more special.

Daniel's father looks after the branding and business, it's very new to him yet he's thoroughly enjoying it and is very happy to see all the appreciation that Daniel's work is receiving.

daniel(ink.) supports The Centre for Cerebral Palasy WA too. 
Here's the FB page https://www.facebook.com/danielinktshirts, head on, like it and know more about this young budding artist/designer!

Here's a peek of what I bought!

Isn't it absolutely adorable??!!

I would also request Perth bloggers to checkout this cool brand and help the brand get out there if possible.....


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