Perth Upmarket

Perth Upmarket needs no introduction, but I'm a huge fan. :)
This time I had an awesome time chatting to many inspiring stall holders at the Perth Upmarket..... I saw some new stalls... mostly apparel stalls.... and wonderful collections!

A whole lot of pics I clicked, here they are...

Model Julka Moroz in Petra Vanessie's gorgeous rust orange dress (I love the colour and the fabric) and the designer herself.

Kaftans by Clara-Ann - A lovely brand dedicated to only Kaftans, comfy and full of beautiful prints!

Unusual silhouettes by House of Zaccaria! Loved their collection so much, I wish I could buy them all!

Sandi Donald WA Design's Spring/Summer collection - Fresh and light and lots of comfortable linens!

Lots of intricate metal work makes this accessories brand really stand out!

Daniel(ink.) an extremely cool and creative brand! Read all about it here http://goo.gl/nBHPl2

TPAL had some really trendy and smart stuff! 

Summer Cool had some really lovely prints, perfect skirts for the summer!

Some more cool stalls I came across, other than apparel and fashion

The whole "feel" of the market? Here it is!

I'm already waiting for the next one. Be sure to attend the Perth Upmarket in November, it will surely make you happy because it's always a lovely experience :)



  1. Did u go into the junior section?? That was a hive of activity too.

    1. Hi there! This time I couldn't visit the Junior Upmarket because I was in kind of a hurry.. I had just a look and it looked really cute.. Next time, I will be sure to have a closer look at the brands there, including yours! :)

  2. great photos...how I wish I could visit this market!


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