Times Square Claremont Fashion Launch SS14

Finally I do this blog post and I hope I'm not the last one doing it ;)

I absolutely love attending Times Square Claremont events.... firstly they are just too much fun - from yummy macarons last time to a lolly buffet this time - not to forget the Times Square special white lady cocktail... Secondly it's a place where all the bloggers are sure to get together - each time I get to know someone a little more - all thanks to Nikola! :)

Spring/Summer is here and so are the stunning collections at the Claremont shops by some amazing local designers and brands.. with fashion that covers everything from lace to sequins, from structure to flow, from solids to prints - they have got it all! The runway showcase consisted of collections from Ruth Tarvydas, Betty Tran, Jomay Cao, Ae'lkemi, Poppy Lissiman and more. 

Tried to capture the real fun... hope you get the picture!




Summer Wait

This is my 101st Post and my blog completed a year.... on 8th October... again was busy and planned posts took all my time and I almost forgot my blog's anniversary :(

I'm really clue-less as to how to celebrate it... so if you guys have any suggestions, any ideas or some special requests I can try and do that as a celebration... I really want to do something special because my blog has really been such an important and contributing part of my system... but what?? Do give me some suggestions... I too am brain-storming! :)

As my 101st post I am welcoming the beautiful summer of Perth - that we get to experience in installments these days... I post my maxi dress-look!

I have been looking for one forever... last year I didn't find any that would make me happy... I wanted something that is ultra comfortable... I don't like the ones with elastic at the waist or under-bust, it just never fits right and is always uncomfortable...Also I wanted prints! This one has the perfect warm colours with a mix of lovely ethnic prints... so meee! :)

Being a look I did after so long... I forgot the blogger styled poses that I had managed to master a few months ago... now I'm back to where I started... but I had fun shooting nonetheless... Which also means lots of pictures!



Fashion in Wonderland - Curious and Curiouser Charity Fashion event

I met Asha and Michelle of Memoir Connect many months ago in regards to the show, these two were so confident and enthusiastic about everything that I was so curious to see how the show would turn up and got curiouser when the show was postponed to October :P
I am so happy and awestruck beyond words to see what these two young girls managed to put together, especially it being their first show... Amazing show, beautifully organised - from the venue to the staging, from the delicious food platters to the yummy cup cakes, from the magic show to the live singing and the fashion showcase featuring emerging WA designers of course. 
Designers showcased were  Samantha Abbott, Seth Cray, Ann Le, Arina Khoo, Audrey Kim, Estelle.G, Sylvia. S&S by Shreeja & Shweta , Petra Vanessie , Evador, Clover, A Story Of and The Butcher and The Crow 
The Alice in Wonderland theme was charmingly maintained through out.

Lots of pictures to follow!

The Super-Girls behind the show!

The Mad Hatter Compering!

The Wonderland Magician Jon Madd

Hoping to be a part of many more shows organised by Memoir Connect!