Summer Wait

This is my 101st Post and my blog completed a year.... on 8th October... again was busy and planned posts took all my time and I almost forgot my blog's anniversary :(

I'm really clue-less as to how to celebrate it... so if you guys have any suggestions, any ideas or some special requests I can try and do that as a celebration... I really want to do something special because my blog has really been such an important and contributing part of my system... but what?? Do give me some suggestions... I too am brain-storming! :)

As my 101st post I am welcoming the beautiful summer of Perth - that we get to experience in installments these days... I post my maxi dress-look!

I have been looking for one forever... last year I didn't find any that would make me happy... I wanted something that is ultra comfortable... I don't like the ones with elastic at the waist or under-bust, it just never fits right and is always uncomfortable...Also I wanted prints! This one has the perfect warm colours with a mix of lovely ethnic prints... so meee! :)

Being a look I did after so long... I forgot the blogger styled poses that I had managed to master a few months ago... now I'm back to where I started... but I had fun shooting nonetheless... Which also means lots of pictures!



  1. congrats on one year of blogging! :) lovely summer dress and such nice photos!
    ...love the earrings btw

  2. I love the ear-rings.You look pretty.And Congrats on your 101st post!!!
    I have always wondered how many bloggers maintain their humongous shoe collection. Since i have a shoe fetish and I have quite a number of them, I feel sad to let go of shoes that's distressed. How do you maintain your shoe collection? This is my request, if you have not posted on this one..then I would be glad to know.


  3. U look so chic..!love ur earrings..n congrats on the anniversary. I think u shud celebrate ur anniversary by celebrating ur true fans, ur readers..(read me) ;)
    Have fun.



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