Let it go??

Hello! Been really really long since I did a look post.... Looks posts definitely get the most likes and views and I surely have most fun doing them... but I have a list of posts to do all about events and labels around Perth....

Even with those list of posts I'm falling behind schedule... not really right on my part....  but I often prioritise and let go of something if I have too much on my plate... not worth it if you over work yourself and fall sick and end up not being able to do anything at all.
Surely it would be nice if we could manage it all... but it's essential to leave enough room to breathe even if it means letting go of certain things... That's just the way I work :P

So to give you guys a break I have this look post up today...   And this one was taken months back... when I was actually planning to take part in the Perth restyle event! I so wanted to complete it but I couldn't find time out of other commitments...

I'm all about prints currently(Summer makes it easier) And this top is especially so ME (people who know me would agree)
Love the prints and patterns here... and the silhouette is so cool! From a cute little op-shop in Mandurah - Zoila's community opshop for just $1. Yes there are no zeros after 1 :P

More to come on the blog. Might even have a marathon again with few new look posts thrown in from time to time... Keep reading. 

Thank you


  1. Wow..shreeja..u look fan..n I can't believe u got that top for $1. Lucky girl. Missed u too much.


  2. Love the top!! The print looks amazing! And looks extremely comfortable! And the chain goes extremely well with the top.

  3. Lop the top ! Great outfit.

  4. Love the aztec print!The whole outfit looks really pretty!
    You've been awarded!


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