My twin brother - 7 adorable anecdotes

Raksha Bandhan's long gone and honestly, writing about my brother slipped my mind... 3rd October was our birthday and since we are twins I wanted to write this on that day... but then again I was too busy... So finally here I go... Some really sweet and funny memories of our childhood dedicated to my evil twin....... naaahhhh I miss him... although he's evil (ya I'm not taking that back because only I know :P)
First day of school
This is the most popular one in our family... first day of school and we were put in different classes... literally the first time in our lives that we were separated... I'm sitting in my class and this teacher from the other class comes and addresses the class asking "Ye kiska bhai hai?" means "Whose brother is this?"... And I get up from my seat to peek... That's my brother!!! He was crying to be with me... awww so sweet... hehehehe I can't stop laughing! We were always put in the same class thereafter :) :) :)

Fighting the maid together
So we both were 5 years old... and our maid was this female who would shout at us all the time... and one day as usual she was yelling at me! Now my brother (imagine cute, chubby small kid with big eyes.... he was smaller than me... till the 10th grade... hehehehe... which bothered him a lot! :P) gets angry that she is yelling at me... he goes and spits on her :O... she slaps him.... from the other side I jump up and slap her! Ohhh this actually happened! Two 5 year old kids ganging up on the maid!! We used to gang up and trouble other baby sitters too... somehow we didn't like strangers looking after us and spent most of our years on our own... we managed pretty well! :P :P :P

I want to draw a lion 
He was insanely particular about certain things... as a kid he loved wild animals... Tigers and lions would make him so happy.. I couldn't care less obviously :P 
One day he decided that he wants to draw a lion... he tried and he was not happy about what he managed... my dad drew for him and he tried copying it... pages after pages... he got so upset that he started crying (he used to always pout while crying... I'm sure his lips would automatically 
curl to form a pout even today if he cried! :D) he kept drawing and crying at the same time... Mom, dad and me didn't know what to do... I remember suggesting to draw something else! Hahahaha
This same thing happened when he decided one day that he wants to draw a girl... he didn't like that my drawing of a girl looked better than his.... And again, he kept drawing and crying... :D :D :D

Wait for me, I will wait for you.
We have spent a lot of time doing homework and studying together... he could write better and faster than me (he had amazing handwriting from the start... and mine was so bad!) So we would start writing our notes together... he would reach way ahead of me... he loved to race while writing in class with friends as well as at home with me... but once he reached ahead of me he would turn and say " I will wait for you now" hehehee so cute right??!! 
But when studying he would get really tensed when I finished a chapter before him... then he would say "You wait for me" :P
But it was a totally different scene when it came to food! He would, on purpose, wait or trick me into finishing my chocolate or dish before him just so he could eat his food in front of me by showing off (yes he was not all cute and adorable as you might think... he had a very strong evil streak just for me :P) 

Slapping the idiot.
Now we are in the 7th grade... being close to teenage brought out the protective side of my brother... Once as we were climbing the school stairs in the morning to get into our respective classes (by now we were in different classes... and it was a new school so not everyone knew we were brother and sister) a guy from my class walking behind me next to my brother slaps my butt (he was just being funny it seems)... obviously irritated I turn to yell. By then I hear a loud "ssssaaatttttttttt"!! It was my brother slapping the back of that guy's head so loudly that I can still hear the slap :P The guy gets all confused and yells "What's your problem??!!" and my brother yells back "That's my sister!!" and the guy goes "Ohh I'm so sorry!" hahahahha I still laugh thinking about it... :) :) :)

Skirt slit is too high
10th standard farewell... I wore a long black skirt with a long slit... we all were at the store and I was trying it on, I finalised it and I was walking back to the trial room and my brother who was least interested till now sees the long slit that started way high... and never before had he bothered or even looked at what I wore... and he exclaims turning to my parents "Why is the slit so high... it's too high... it can't be so high... ask them to get down the slit" :P Awww I know.. but I got too irritated back then and my mom and dad kept laughing... But the slit stayed as it is... he made his peace with it... and I'm thankful for that and many other clothes he let me wear without fussing :) :) :)

101 ways to trouble your sister!
My brother can write a book on ways to annoy a sister... he has so many, unimaginable ways to trouble me... I used to go insane! He would blow the little mustard seeds out of his mouth at me while eating :x ... He would roll up his dirty socks into balls and keep aiming them at me,I would dodge them and whn I would give up dodging he would throw it baammm into my face! :x :x... He would watch tv seeing some program that we both enjoy and as soon as I walk in to watch it with him, he would change the channel just so I wont get to see it! :x :x :x
Hahahaha... he would simply touch me with his index finger for long time doing nothing at alll and I would go madddddd... he would pull my blanket when I'm in deep sleep and wake me up.. OMG! Thinking of everything I can't stop laughing... but I used to get SO MAD!! and he would always have this very content and satisfied smirk on his face seeing my misery.... :P :P :P

Sujiiiii Tendi (Useless) Appi (Shit) Chandi (Bum) Panni (Pig) (our nicknames for each other for life)! 
I miss you! :D :P :) 



  1. that's a lovely post Sreeja. I have a brother too, and I can relate to most of the things.It's such a close bond, I know. And hey reading those bracketed words i wonder do you from kerala?



  2. Aww... That was too cute! Reminds me of my brother. Esp d sweaty socks part :D

  3. u have expressed it so amazingly that whn i read it i could see u both in front of my eyes... god bless u both

  4. This has to be the cutest post in the blog history..direct dil se..dil tak. M so touched. I do not have a bro..but urs seems to be so much fun. God bless both of u. i m still smiling while i type this.


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