Interview: Tirta of Batik Batik

Finally I do an interview post that has been long overdue. Batik-Batik, an Australian label, intrigued me as it's quite different from the other labels I have seen here... art and cultural influences in fashion always attracts my attention and as an Indian, the art of Batik is not unknown to me.
The label came across as very young, new and fresh to me and so I decided to approach the owner and voila! Here's the story of Batik-Batik!

Can you tell us a little about yourself Tirta ?

I am an Indonesian girl who loves natural beauty and comfort; I love good food, good shoes, and a good sleep. The most important thing in life is being the best I can for others. Not being able to make everyone happy should not stop us from not being good towards others :) I live my life working on things I am passionate about and they are Marketing, Business, and Batik Batik. That being said, every single second working on the business has been a real pleasure. And oh, I love puzzles! :)

What is your personal style ?

Street Chic for my daily wear, and just simple elegant styling when it comes to formal occasions. My mood however is the biggest influence on my wardrobe options :)

When Why and How did Batik Batik happen ?

It was almost 2 years ago when I had the thought of creating a fashion label in Australia. I was travelling to work reading a book by Seth Godin called "Purple Cow". I got home in the evening and contacted a lot of people just to shout the idea out :) That is how it started.

What is the greatest inspiration behind Batik Batik ?

Passionate people.

How do you plan your season's collections ?

I co-design all my collections / dresses with my designers who have absolutely exquisite  taste. I would give them the theme which I usually come up with after looking at the trend and mix it with my own designs. Our collections are not simply beautiful dresses. Each of these designs have meanings, they are well-thought, crafted and those who wear them will feel the passion and the hard-work of our team :)

A little about your current collection and styles ?

Our current collection is SPRING/SUMMER Collection 2013-14. The overall theme celebrates the colors of Spring and the silhouette of a woman. This season is full bloom because we’re showcasing exclusive Batik Batik designs that will remind you of the treasures of youthful beauty. Every time we release a collection we make sure it's really distinct from the others but what binds all of them together is Batik. This has been a major component of our designs and I'm very committed to continuing this heritage.

How big is your team and its functions ? 

Batik Batik has a very niche small team. I work with the best people, the ones I completely trust, and they are in Indonesia and Philippines; they know what they are doing, in fact they are FABULOUS at it! I myself supervise the work remotely from Australia. At the moment we are still fine-tuning our system and trying to make everything as feasible and sustainable as possible.

What business aspects are you working on for Batik Batik ?

Definitely a boutique! We are still looking for good opportunities and time to actually put the pretty thoughts into reality :)

What advice would you give to young designers/entrepreneurs who wish to start their own labels ?

Don't stop when you think you can't go any further. Remember, the gold might only be one centimetre deeper when you stop digging.

Do you have any future plans in Perth ? (Tell us about previous relations/work/businesses in Perth if any)

I would really love to bring Batik Batik to Perth! We always love the thought of partnering up with like-minded fashionistas and business owners. We would love to be doing something fun together with Perth's lovely people. :)

Check out the Batik Batik website and blog here


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