in the new year....


It's fun blogging after so long... aaah I missed it!
Not going to bother explaining and give reasons... I guess I have been just sloppy about blogging.

My first year in Perth was overwhelming - in terms of personal style and fashion - there was just too much freedom, the feeling of being liberated, the need to express and experiment with everything. It was exciting at first to have so many options but slowly lead to chaos in my wardrobe - I got too confused and started having a very hard time identifying my personal style. 

The blog helped me archive the looks I tried before, and looking back somehow I didn't feel good... putting together the same looks didn't feel comfortable either.. So I did something to fix it at the end of 2013 and now I'm at peace with my style.... in the new year.

What did I do? Hmmm.. in my next post :)

Top: French Connection
Skirt: Valley girl